Using the Genealogy Pages  

When looking for an individual or family, you will start with the last name. In the United States most last names are one complete name. In the Netherlands, many names have prefixes like "van", "van der", "de" and other prefixes. When people emmigrated to the US, they often changed their names. Names like van der Baan became Vander Baan or VanderBaan. So if you are looking for a VanderBaan, also look for Baan, especially if they were not born on the US. Names like de Jong became DeJong or DeYoung, so also look for Jong. Jongsma might have been changed to Youngsma so look for both.

Birth and marriage dates of living people are not shown.

When you are on the "Index Page," you can click on the letter of the last name, which will show an alphabetical list of names or you can click on "List of Surnames," which will list last names in paragraphs by letter.

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